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Meet Dr. Alana Berg

Dr. Alana Berg

Naturopathic Doctor & Author

You are the creator of your cure.

– Dr. Alana Berg

Our family is a big fan of Mission Naturopathic Clinic, Dr. Alana Berg is our primary ND. We were introduced to their clinic when our daughter displayed neurological symptoms that our conventional medical system didn’t have an answer for. She was diagnosed with lyme disease by Dr. Berg adn since then has recieved hte most…

- Murovec Family

Dr. Berg has truely been life giving for our whole family. In my sons 13 years of life she’s been the only doctor that has gone over and above to find a very rare diagnosis and to treat him on every level of health. She has changed our families quality of life because of her…

- Patient

Dr. Berg is an amazing Dr. If you are seeing a ND you obviously have complicated health issues and you should be educating yourself about your condition. Going to see a Dr. and not knowing medical terminology related to your condition will not be beneficial for you. I am not saying you need a degree,…

- Lyme Patient
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Dr. Alana Berg is based in Kelowna, British Columbia, Canada.

Dr. Berg welcomes your questions and comments through her team at Mission Naturopathic Clinic in Kelowna, BC. They will do their best to respond within 72 hours.

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