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"It's not what you've been through that defines you, but rather how you've overcome."

- Dr. Alana Berg, The Courageous Cure

DOCTOR ALANA BERG                                      
NATUROPATHIC DOCTOR | AUTHOR                     

I've been a Naturopathic Doctor in Kelowna BC for over 12 years, and I feel a deep divine calling to empower others in their health journey.  I've been blessed to work with many patients in my clinic through all sorts of diseases, trials, and real moments of vulnerability. 

 I feel incredibly honored to personally serve people in their journey to reclaim the health and vitality.  

I use my foundation of naturopathic medical education, years of clinical experience, constant curiosity for new learnings and innovative techniques, and medical intuition to serve people to the best of my ability.  I've also trained with other doctors in the United States, and across Canada and even Mexico, in order to fully dive into the healing arts.

In my own personal journey of health and wellness, my story was shaken to the core when I was diagnosed by a neurologist with Multiple Sclerosis, 8 years ago.  This caused me to dig deeper in the roots of my illness and revealed the necessity to heal myself on the right levels.  

I had to find my own cure.  

This took my understanding of health and healing to a whole new level.  Hence, my dream of helping others, and instilling real change, became an even stronger passion.  I decided to write this book to empower you and to instill change in your paradigm of health on a large scale.  Are you ready to find your own cure?

I see my new book, The Courgeous Cure, helping you to bridge the gap between the current dominant conventional medical model and holistic traditional natural medicine.

I am so excited for you to join me on this journey.  Together, we will transform how you think of and look at healing and wellness.  I want you to discover your own story and to feel equipped and empowered to change your life.  

You were born to live a courageousvibrant, and abundant life!

With Courage and Blessings

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"You are the creator of your cure."

- Dr. Alana Berg

This groundbreaking book will transform your perspective on health and wellness!

I believe that you can change your story and create it to be anything you want to. I also believe you can do the same for your health. This book is to help you navigate exactly how to do just that! 

I will inspire readers to move from frustrated and hopeless in their personal journey, to healthy and empowered.  

By diving deep into the root causes of disease, and uncovering the essential processes to healing, you will acheive your health goals.

To truly heal we must not only know why we are sick but also how we need to shift. The extent of dis-ease that your body experiences has a divine message and purpose for moving you into alignment and balance.

I want you to learn how to remove the fear of illness, and learn to embrace the journey to wellness.

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Dr. Berg is an amazing Dr. If you are seeing a ND you obviously have complicated health issues and you should be educating yourself about your condition. Going to see a Dr. and not knowing medical terminology related to your condition will not be beneficial for you. I am not saying you need a degree, you just need to take charge of your health. I have been seeing Dr Berg for over a year now. I chose her because I have Lyme disease and I was living in the states and had been seeing an LLMD and had been on 4 years of antibiotics and they were not making me much better. Some things were a bit better but I was still sick when I moved back here. Dr Berg can run late but that's because she's making sure that her patients get the best care. My experience has been that she is about 50/50 on time. Dr Berg did for me in 9 months what a LLMD that charged 240$ US a visit didn't do for me in 4 years. She is patient, listens to your concerns, is very intuitive and through her knowledge knows exactly what will work best for you and what won't. I have been short on money but regular Dr's won't treat lyme disease. Dr Berg always tries to work with what I can pay and tries to put together treatments that fit my budget. I am very lucky to have Dr Berg on my side. Her staff is very friendly and accommodating and I have never gotten the impression they are snobby or rude.

Lyme Patient

Dr. Berg has truely been life giving for our whole family. In my sons 13 years of life she's been the only doctor that has gone over and above to find a very rare diagnosis and to treat him on every level of health. She has changed our families quality of life because of her care and knowledge. Her entire office is friendly and helpful on every request.

Thank you.

Our family is a big fan of Mission Naturopathic Clinic, Dr. Alana Berg is our primary ND. We were introduced to their clinic when our daughter displayed neurological symptoms that our conventional medical system didn't have an answer for. She was diagnosed with lyme disease by Dr. Berg adn since then has recieved hte most amazing care bending scientific based practises and whole body treatment. Today, 5 years later, she is completely healthy, finished university and enjoying a beautiful life. She has treated our entire family for eczema, allergies, chronic infections, hormomal balancing...I can't say enough good words about this practice, the ND's and their support staff have enriched our lives and am so thankful!

Murovec Family




Dr. Alana Berg is based in Kelowna, British Columbia, Canada.

Dr. Berg welcomes your questions and comments through her team at Mission Naturopathic Clinic in Kelowna, BC. They will do their best to respond within 72 hours.

email: info@missionnds.com


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